Writer: Guillem March, Henri Scala, Mark Eacersall, Paco Hernandez | Cover Artist: Guillem March, Marion Mousse, Jose Angel Ares | Page Artist: Guillem March, Marion Mousse, Jose Angel Ares
Genre: Slice of Life, Crime, Drama, Humor | Publication Date: September 2024 | Format: 6.75" X 10.25", color, Hardcover (Guillem March's Laura, Gost 111); 6.75" x 10.25", color, softcover (On the Way)
Page Count: 112 Pages (Guillem March's Laura), 200 Pages (Gost 111), 172 Pages (On the Way) | Rating: Mature (16 and up) | On Sale Date: 09/25/2024 |
Price: $50.00
ABLAZE is shining the spotlight on the wide variety of genres and fantastic works within our catalogue! Our Spotlight on Euro-Comics set includes three comic titles - Guillem March's Laura and Other Stories, Gost 111, and On the Way- bundled together under a specially discounted price.

In Guillem March's Laura and Other Stories: Suffering from the ever-painful experience of unrequited love, twenty-year-old Laura takes a look at her life. Does the fact that the boy she has feelings for is in love with someone else mean there is something wrong with her? Or is that just how young love goes? And what will happen when she tries to get past the hurt and move on with her life?