Writer: Haeyoon (Witch of Mine), Hyeon-Sook Lee (Savage Garden), King Sang Yeop (The Restorer's Home) | Cover Artist: MAS (Witch of Mine), HyeonSook Lee (Savage Garden), King Sang Yeop (The Restorer's Home) | Page Artist: MAS (Witch of Mine), Hyeon-Sook Lee (Savage Garden), King Sang Yeop (The Restorer's Home)
Genre: Manhwa, Fantasy, Romance | Publication Date: August 2024 | Format: 6" X 9", Full Color, Softcover (Witch of Mine); Format
Page Count: 330 Pages | Rating: Mature (16 and up) (Savage Garden); 13 and up (Witch of Mine, The Restorer's Home) | On Sale Date: 08/28/2024 |
Price: $48.00
ABLAZE is shining the spotlight on the wide variety of genres and fantastic works within our catalogue! Our Spotlight on Fantasy/Romance Manhwa set includes three comic titles - Witch of Mine Vol. 1, Savage Garden Omnibus Vol. 1, and The Restorer's Home Omnibus Vol. 1 - bundled together under a specially discounted price.

In Witch of Mine Vol. 1: Up against twists of fate and time, an outcast young boy and a mysterious witch, shunned because they're different from what's considered normal, one due to his imperfection and one due to her perfection, will need more than just magic spells and incantations...they'll need each other.

In Savage Garden Vol. 1: Gabrielle, an orphaned girl from a fallen noble family, befriends a young man named Jeremy, who was rumored to be an illegitimate child of a nobleman. After a tragic accident, Gabriel must impersonate Jeremy, taking his place at an all-boys academy for nobles. It's a place that may seem like heaven to others, but in reality hides a harshness and brutality which she could never have imagined.

In The Restorer's Home Omnibus Vol. 1: High school freshman Sung-woo lives alone in a big, traditional Korean house that he inherited from his grandfather. He has great skill in restoring objects, such as antiques, to their original condition. He also has a supernatural ability to see souls, which are sometimes tied to these objects. Trying not to reveal his ability, he secretly helps friends and other people around him fix their broken belongings.