Writer: Rosa Codina | Cover Artist: Rosa Codina | Page Artist: Rosa Codina
Genre: Coming-of-Age | Publication Date: April 2023 | Format: 8" wide X 10" long, B&W with Color, softcover
Page Count: 232 Pages | Rating: Mature (16 and up) | On Sale Date: 04/10/2024 |
Price: $24.99
In her first graphic novel, Rosa Codina adapts Kiko Amat's coming-of-age novel about the wild years of adolescence. Rompepistas is seventeen years old. He's a punk, he lives on the outskirts of Barcelona, and he does everything for the music: Generation X, The Clash, The Jam, Las Duelistas... That last one's his own group, where he plays the guitar and bellows into the microphone. It's all about playing to keep the sadness at bay and to never cry again. When you start playing, everything changes. All the shit clears up.