Writer: Bounthavy Suvilay | Cover Artist: Various | Page Artist: Various
Genre: Video Game Art Book | Publication Date: November 2023 | Format: 6" wide X 9" long, color, hardcover
Page Count: 432 Pages | Rating: 12 and up | On Sale Date: 11/08/2023 |
Price: $59.99
As gorgeous to look at as it is fascinating to read, Indie Games complements its insightful commentary and fun anecdotes with hundreds of screenshots, pieces of concept artwork, draft sketches, and behind the scenes photos. Overall the book is presented beautifully to showcase every image in exquisite detail. The way images are laid out and formatted within the text is very well done. The spreads and chapter pages are especially stunning. -- Matt Litten @ vgblogger.com
The Origins of Minecraft, Journey, Limbo, Dead Cells, The Banner Saga and Firewatch and other incredible Indie video games!

Video games have grown exponentially in recent years and have captured the hearts of millions thanks to the success of titles such as Minecraft, Journey, Limbo, Dead Cells, The Banner Saga or Firewatch. To compete with the blockbusters, the independents have had to be massively creative and come up with innovative gameplay, top-notch writing, original graphic universes, and sumptuous soundtracks.

INDIE GAMES pays homage to some of the greatest success stories in the world of indie games, and takes the reader behind the scenes at the independent studios who participated in the making of the book. It is a work of reference, well documented, and bursting with anecdotes. The book, official and authorized, with the participation of studios around the world, includes over 300 pieces of art, with 50+ interviews highlighting over 70 games.

INDIE GAMES 2 explores the major developments in independent games since 2018. Superbly illustrated and documented, for enthusiasts and curious amateurs alike, this book gives voice to those who drive this cultural industry. Featuring exclusive interviews, and more than 300 illustrations, concept arts and unpublished sketches, through which the reader will get a glimpse behind the scenes and get answers from the key people behind the blockbuster independent video games.