Writer: Hyeon-Sook Lee | Cover Artist: HyeonSook Lee | Page Artist: Hyeon-Sook Lee
Genre: Manga/Romance | Publication Date: November 2023 | Format: dimensions, color vs b&w, soft vs hardcover
Page Count: 400 Pages | Rating: Mature (16 and up) | On Sale Date: 11/08/2023 |
Price: $19.99
Living as Jeremy at a school for young nobles was Gabrielle's only alternative to being punished for his accidental death. But now that she has spent time amongst the next generation of the rich and powerful, she feels that this life is a prison in its own way. Trapped between her fear of being found out and the feelings she develops for her fellow students, Gabrielle's look into the life of the wealthy continues to unveil a side of that world she never expected to uncover.

Savage Garden is a shojo fantasy that carries an eerie and mysterious ambiance, with captivating characters and an art style that perfectly portrays the period setting. A dark, gender-bending tale with a romantic triangle that will keep you intrigued 'til the end. Collecting the third and fourth Korean volumes into English for the first time.