Writer: Zerocalcare | Cover Artist: Zerocalcare | Page Artist: Zerocalcare
Genre: Media Tie-in | Publication Date: November 2023 | Format: 6.75" wide X 10.25" long, b&w, hardcover
Page Count: 160 Pages | Rating: Mature (16 and up) | On Sale Date: 11/08/2023 |
Price: $19.99
Fantastical. Hilarious. Neurotic. Pop-cultural. A truly unique look at family history and relationships, as well as one's inner self. ---The Comics Journal
The Armadillo Prophecy is Zerocalcare's debut OGN, and it's the story of how he coped with learning too late that a dear friend from his childhood had died, all while a giant armadillo represents his imaginary conscience. Dryly funny, witty, and inventive, it's a classic that has sold over 140,000 copies in Italy alone. Now in its 13th reprint, it is Zerocalcare's most popular title. Structured as a series of short stories that tie in to form a cohesive narrative, this is the seminal story that made Zerocalcare famous for his ability to write comedy with depth and elements of drama embedded in the plot. While it references Italian society, it's definitely a universal tale of loss, coping and coming of age.

Season 1 of Zerocalcare's original animated series "Tear Along the Dotted Line" debuted WORLDWIDE on Netflix in November of 2021. Season Two, "This World Can't Tear Me Down," premiered April 2023. Both can be streamed now on Netflix!