Writer: Derek Fridolfs | Cover Artist: Gabriele Bagnoli | Page Artist: Gabriele Bagnoli
Genre: Media Tie-In | Publication Date: June 2023 | Format: 6" x 9", full color, hardcover
Page Count: 104 pages | Rating: Ages 8 and up | On Sale Date: 06/14/2023 |
Price: $12.99
Meet Dobbly. He lives in a world filled with wonderful symbols that have power by finding matching pairs. This ne'er-do-well is so excited about his village's Festival of Matching, he can hardly sleep the night before. So when his impatience gets the best of him and finds himself trying to climb the Great Tree that will produce new pairs for the village, he also finds himself falling off the tree and breaking all of the branches on the way down, ruining the Festival. It's now up to the wizard Zadok and his apprentice, the druidess Dea, to find the magical seeds needed to repair the tree. And Dobbly is tagging along for the adventure!

Traveling farther away from the village than he's ever been, Dobbly and his companions face harsh conditions and danger, all while being tracked by Single, the Dark Cloud King, who wants to cause chaos and prevent them from finding power in matching pairs. Will he prevent them from returning home with the magic they are searching for? Or will Dobbly become the hero he needs to be to help his friends save the Festival of Matching and feel like he belongs?

Based on the #1 best-selling, award-winning visual perception card game from Asmodee and Zygomatic Games Studio!

NOTE TERRITORY RESTRICTION: Can be sold everywhere EXCEPT US, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand.