Writer: Paco Hernandez | Cover Artist: Jose Angel Ares | Page Artist: Jose Angel Ares
Genre: Fiction, Fantasy, Humor | Publication Date: Advance Solicit July 2023 for August 2023 on sale | Format: 6.75" x 10.25", full color, softcover
Page Count: 172 pages | Rating: Mature (16 and up) | On Sale Date: 08/16/2023 | Diamond Code: MAY231192
Price: $19.99
Emma, a newly single cartoonist in her thirties, impulsively finds herself standing in Roncesvalles with her gaze fixed on Santiago de Compostela. Following the pilgrimage route known as The Way of St. James, she realizes the path she is traveling is bringing her closer to and somehow farther away from everyone around her, that the weight of her backpack is more than the clothes and pans inside, and that what she believed to be a simple walk to get some miles behind her (and her past) is a chance to learn not only about the people she meets along the way, but also herself.

Creators Paco Hernandez & Jose Angel Ares bring you a story of friendship, family and learning. An emotional journey from which no one will return being the same.