Writer: Kid Touissant | Cover Artist: Aveline Stokart | Page Artist: Aveline Stokart
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy | Publication Date: April 2023 | Format: 6" x 9", full color, softcover
Page Count: 104 pages | Rating: 12 and up | On Sale Date: 04/12/2023 |
Price: $10.99
Tender friendships and Stokart's lineless, animated art, rendered using vibrant lighting and textured palettes, ably convey this ambitious character study.-Publishers Weekly

"Toussaint and Stokart have created an amazing Young Adult story that wonderfully captures the broad range of emotions experienced by teens and the difficulty that comes with navigating those feelings." - SCREENRANT.COM

After a family tragedy and a startling discovery, Elle will be forced to face down her greatest enemy: herself. Elle, the high school student with as many personalities as she has hair colors, finds herself trapped in her subconscious mind following a double psychological shock. That leaves her to navigate the hidden worlds of her various personalities in search of an escape route, while Blue-a sociable version of herself with a tendency to lie, cheat, and steal-takes full control over Elle's life in the real world. Her friends start to suspect something isn't right... but can they find a way to free Elle from Blue's bonds?

ABLAZE proudly presents Elle(s), featuring brilliant, Pixar-esque art from Aveline Stokart, and an engaging story by Kid Toussaint that brings moments of real emotion, mystery, intrigue and humor together during the epic highs and lows of high school.