Writer: Xavier Dorison | Cover Artist: Felix Delep - Main Cover (Miss B Behind Bars) | Page Artist: Felix Delep
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure | Publication Date: May 2023 | Format: Full Color Comic Book
Page Count: 32 Pages | Rating: Mature (16 and up) | On Sale Date: 05/03/2023 |
Price: $3.99
"It's worth mentioning that perhaps the most striking thing about this comic is its timing. With real life headlines telling us of Putin's unjust war against Ukraine and the bravery of average Ukrainian citizens as they fight back against Russia's presidential dictator, what better time could there be for a comic like Animal Castle?" --frankiescomics.com

"Writer Xavier Dorison and artist Felix Delep have crafted a powerful and different look and direction for this Orwell inspired book." --geekvibesnation.com

"Irresistibly intriguing, ceaselessly charming and morally interesting, Animal Castle is an adult fable worth reading." --comicbookyeti.com

"Blending animal fantasy with tense political thriller, this series is likely to draw fans of both." --Publishers Weekly
The HIT series returns!

On the Farm all animals were equal. In the Castle some are more equal than others.

Animal Castle Vol. 2 picks up shortly after the events of Vol. 1 with Miss B trying to convince the animals not to give in to violence, in order to put an end to Silvio's reign...

At the castle, the dictatorship continues. Thanks to the efforts of Miss B and her friends, the animals attempt to remobilize the pacifist movement of the Daisies. But Silvio the bull dictator is trying to keep them under his hoof to keep his power. Helped by his cruel canine militia, he decides to have the rebellious animals imprisoned in the dungeon. But Miss B and her friends will respond once again with trickery...and solidarity!