Writer: Mathieu Salvia | Cover Artist: Djet | Page Artist: Djet
Genre: Fantasy, Horror | Publication Date: September 2022 | Format: Full Color Comic Book
Page Count: 32 Pages | Rating: Mature (16 And Up) | On Sale Date: 09/07/2022 | Diamond Code: JUL221016
Price: $3.99
"The dialog, pacing, and plotting are all excellent, and Djet's art maximizes size and contrast to hype up the dramatic impact as much as possible. Score: 9/10"--comicalopinions.com

"...does a great job of setting up its own, unique mythology, while also paying loving homage to familiar trope from the horror genre. and the art by DJET is top notch. It's a clean and creepy style that does an excellent job of portraying the fear, horror, and madness the characters are experiencing." --biffbampop.com

"...amazing art and a great base for a story that is both unique and intriguing. The Boogyman caught my eye and the pairing of Salvia and Djet couldn't have been better." --capesandtights.com

"Salvia and Djet leave things off with a thrilling cliffhanger that grabs the reader and leaves them begging for more. A great start to an exciting new book that everyone should be reading." --thetelltalemind.com
Monsters don't only exist in children's minds... Passionate about reading, Elliott has always had a preference for the stories of boogeymen, those monstrous creatures which, at night, hide in the shadows or under the bed to frighten little children. He can't imagine how much they will change his life... Witnessing the bloody murder of his parents, he will discover that, in reality, boogeymen do indeed exist, and very precise codes govern their existence. When one of the most powerful boogeymen, "Father-Death," decides to protect him, Elliott finds himself plunged into a terrible conflict at the heart of a universe as terrifying as it is fascinating. On a dark, stormy night, Elliott's destiny will be fulfilled...